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Contiki – a lightweight operating system for WSN

What is Contiki ?

As wirelles sensor networks are composed of large numbers of tiny sensor devices´╗┐ .

Facts :

* Contiki is an open-source OS for sensor network nodes
– Originally created by Adam Dunkels in 2003
– Implemented in C
Developers : SICS, SAP AG, Cisco, Atmel, NewAE , TU Munich.
– Highly portable : MSP430, AVR, HC12, Z80, 6502, x86
– Simulation environment for BSD/Linux/Windows/Mac
– Protocol stack configuration customizable
– Require a complete binary image (operating system, libraries and the actual application/s)
-Integrates uIP small TCP/IP stack that makes it possible for Contiki to communicate over the Internet

– The Contiki kernel uses a single shared stack
– Contiki provides IP communication, both for IPv4 and IPv6
– Compile on a 30kbytes of RAM.
– is a even -driven system
Concerning application in Contiki we can do telnet session , also thinking to nodes in WSN we are speaking about web
server at the node level, more info are assesses in the link ->