Monthly Archives: June 2010


On Monday 31 may first day of summer school it was presenting :

* Mikael Wiberg from Umea University , Sweden about texture in Urban informatics. As that he was pointed out :
– texture & materiality : how we can create new textures ?
– culture of texture : From the “big apple ” to the “Screen City” Mikael Wiberg
– new texture in NY
– texture as composition
– texture a relational language

* Professor Anind Dey, Carnegie Mellon University, USA on Real World Context-aware systems
Growing pains with context systems are privacy, evaluation, error, development/end user support, Intelligent. <>.

* Adam Greenfield on Elements of a networked urbanism.

Shanmugalingam Sivasothy form Alcatel Paris shows quite extensively what was happening in Oulu in the first International Ubiquitous summer school.

Kiitos (Thanks in Finnish) to the UBI Summer School Program and UBI Challenge

Having a look in E-Workshop Dr. Zach Shelby on his official site is presenting his report .

1.Take a look on the MobySpray video I really enjoyed the idea.
2. Beej’s Guide a short networking programming guide
3. The 1st International Open Ubiquitous City Challenge (“UBI Challenge” for short) challenges the global R&D community to design, implement, deploy end evaluate novel applications and services in real-world setting in the City of Oulu, Finland.